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Techniques utilized

Activator - The activator is a technique that utilizes a spring loaded impulse to achieve a direct subtle movement at the joint level. like all adjustments applied to spinal and peripheral joints, the activator delivers a gentle impulse to joint tissues in a purposeful direction to achieve the desired outcome.

Activator method can achieve this in a non-invasive, gentle way and is often adopted by practitioners where the application of other techniques would be inappropriate.

Here at Hunter Valley Chiropractic you can be assured that the techniques applied will be the most appropriate for you.

Drop Table (Thompson's Terminal Point Technique) - This Technique involves a specialized chiropractic table that allows specific segments to be lifted no more than 10mm and then gently dropped back into place with the use of gravity.

This is another gentle but effective technique that gives greater control and mechanical advantage to the practitioner to achieve the desired outcome.

Here at Hunter Valley Chiropractic you can be assured that the techniques applied will be the most appropriate for your particular problem.

Manual Therapy - manual therapy is by far the most widely utilized technique since the beginning of the chiropractic profession.

Although now highly evolved, manual therapy incorporates every principle surrounding the theory of spinal and peripheral correction.

Modified techniques of manual therapy have now allowed the application of adjustments to be applied gently and comfortably to suit all body types, in all walks of life.

Here at Hunter Valley Chiropractic we provide a gentle and effective approach to manual therapy with great results.

Soft Tissue Techniques - At Hunter Valley Chiropractic we utilize a range of soft tissue techniques such as massage, active release technique (ART), acu-pressure/trigger point release, Post-isometric relaxation (PIR) and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).

These techniques are particularly effective for a wide variety of soft tissue conditions such as sprain/strains, tennis/golfers elbow, trochanteric bursitis, shoulder impingement syndrome, rotator cuff issues, hamstrings, illio-tibial band syndrome, knee problems, and foot & ankle issues, just to name a few.