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What to expect

Here at Hunter Valley Chiropractic, we are committed to providing the highest possible quality of chiropractic care to every client.

As a new client what will you expect at your initial consultation?

The initial consultation is about discovering the problem that has lead you to us. Here we will take a detailed history, which will include a medical history. This will give us clues as to what has led to the problem that you are currently seeking help for. You will receive a thorough physical examination which will include an orthopaedic exam, neurological exam, and chiropractic examination. This will help determine the underlying cause of the current problem in addition to other areas that may require work in order to prevent future problems that have not yet surfaced, this is known as the “wholistic” approach.

At this point you may require further imaging such as x-rays that will assist us in determining the current working diagnosis of your condition. Once the working diagnosis is ascertained, you will receive your first chiropractic treatment. This may include a variety of techniques utilized at our clinic that are best suited to your particular problem. Remember that no two people are the same. The chiropractor will then recommend a treatment plan comprising of visits over a recommended time period to which your progress will be monitored at each visit.